Field Service Management Solution

Looking for a tool to improve field service productivity and customer service?

FieldTecs provides field worker scheduling, group assignments, job reports, workflows, inventory control, and analytics.

Job Management

Create and assign jobs to field workers or groups and allow them to update jobs from their mobile device.


Dashboards and reports provide an easy way to manage your field workers and monitor their productivity.


Manage inventory assigned to groups and field workers. Track shipments and easily reconcile warehouses.

Easy Scheduling of Field Workers

Create jobs and assign them to field workers or groups. View scheduled and unscheduled jobs and easily assign them to available resources. Field workers update job reports using any mobile device, and multiple custom fields can be created to ensure required job information is submitted.

Group Management

Restrict access to jobs by assigning field workers, managers, and schedulers to groups. Group managers, schedulers, and field workers only have access to jobs assigned to their groups. Users with global access are able to access jobs assigned to all groups and users.

Analytics and Reporting

Dashboards provide valuable insights to improve productivity, efficiency and customer service. Job reports are provided for each completed job that includes the job detail and custom fields.

Inventory Control

Inventory can be assigned to warehouses, groups and users. Field Workers can assign items to completed jobs which allows for an easy way to account for inventory.